Feb 25 2013

First Pro Tour Weekend of 2013, Overall A Good one for KO!

First Pro Tour Weekend of 2013, Overall A Good one for KO!

The first pro tour in Crawley proved a long one for all the players, with over 100 entries for the Friday night UK Masters qualifier; but it was good news for Stuart, as he won through to the first European Tour event in Minehead next month, with a minimum £500 won.

Then it was two days of UK Open qualifiers, with nearly 240 players registered on the day.  Again the weekend proved fruitful, with the £600 won on Sunday putting Stuart very close to spot for the Bolton TV finals (£600 was good enough last year to qualify). There are still more UK Open qualifiers to go, so Stuart will obviously be hoping to push those winnings up, so he can become seeded and miss the early dangerous rounds.

UK Masters Euro Tour qualifier

Rnd 1:  Stuart Kellett 6-2 Darren Whittingham
Rnd 2:  Stuart Kellett 6-4 Kevin Thomas

UK Masters Minehead DRAW * 

Euro tour UK MastersPeter Wright (17) v Stuart Kellett

* The UK Masters takes place at the Butlins Minehead Resort from March 8-10, where the fantastic players championship took place last year.  It’s not on TV as far as I know – but there will be thousands there watching the action.

The first round will be played across two sessions (12pm and 7pm) on Saturday, with play held on two stages.  Saturday will see the second round split with eight games per session across the afternoon (1pm) and evening (7pm) sessions, with the third round on Sunday afternoon (1pm) before the tournament concludes with the quarter-finals, semi-finals and final on Sunday evening (7pm onwards).

Packages for fans, which include three nights’ accommodation plus tickets for all six sessions of the UK Masters event, are still available throughwww.bigweekends.com/darts or by calling 0845 070 4734.


UK Open Qualifiers

Day 1

Rnd 1:  Kevin Painter 6-1 Stuart Kellett

A terribly tough draw for a round 1 game for Stuart.

Day 2:

Rnd 1:  Stuart Kellett 6-0 Brian Startin
Rnd 2:  Stuart Kellett 6-1 Paul Rowley
Rnd 3:  Stuart Kellett 6-5 Dyson Parody
Rnd 4:  Stuart Kellett 6-4 Paul Amos
Rnd 5:  Brendan Dolan 6-2 Stuart Kellett

A great day, with £600 won (and a place at Bolton almost guaranteed) , losing to the eventual finalist Brendan Dolan.