May 06 2013

Kellett a Knock-out on the PDC Pro Tour

Kellett a Knock-out on the PDC Pro Tour

Stuart makes his 2nd final of 2013

Stuart before his game at the worlds (Lawrence Lustig/PDC)

Another fantastic weekend on the PDC Pro tour, which saw KO reach his 2nd event  final,  sees Stuart sitting in 5th place in the ProTour order of merit.  His 2013 form has been very strong, and will see him in many of the big televised tournaments – including next month’s UK Open.  Kellett’s floor form and money won means he also automatically qualifies for the very important European tour events, which offer £20,000 top prizes.  Stuart also now sits 45th in the world rankings, a position he will surely improve on in the coming months.

Sunday’s run in Wigan saw Stuart win £5,000, and even more impressively, beat Phil Taylor 6-4 in the semi-final.  KO also beat another Premier league player, Andy ‘the hammer’ Hamilton in his run of wins, with the well known Ronnie Baxter and Wayne Jones also losing to KO.

Player Champs Event 1, 4th May

Round 1:  Stuart Kellett (21) 6-1 Bernd Roith
Round 2:  Dean Winstanley 6-5 Stuart Kellett

Player Champs Event 2, 5th May

Round 1:  Stuart Kellett (19) 6-0 Joe Murnan
Round 2:  Stuart Kellett 6-3 Jamie Lewis
Round 3:  Stuart Kellett 6-4 Andy Hamilton
Round 4:  Stuart Kellett 6-3 Wayne Jones
Round 5:  Stuart Kellett 6-2 Ronnie Baxter
Semi final:  Stuart Kellett 6-4 Phil Taylor
Final:  Michael van Gerwen 6-1 Stuart Kellett

ProTour Order of Merit

Pos Name Nationality Prize Money
1 van Gerwen, Michael Netherlands £54,100
2 Part, John Canada £29,450
3 Thornton, Robert Scotland £24,900
4 Newton, Wesley England £24,000
5 Kellett, Stuart England £18,050
6 Huybrechts,Kim Belgium £16,100
7 Wright, Peter Scotland £13,900
8 Whitlock, Simon Australia £13,700
9 Nicholson, Paul Australia £13,600
10 Baxter, Ronnie England £12,150