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Eve of The Matchplay; 2013 So Far for Stuart Kellett

Stuart congratulations on qualifying for the Matchplay a tournament that most pundits are calling the best 32 players ever assembled at Blackpool!! How does it feel to be a part of the field?

It’s feels great to be part of this great tournament, bit of a dream of come true really to play at the winter gardens. The crowd in Blackpool are amazing so to get the chance to play in front of them on that stage is amazing. Hopefully I will put on a good performance.

You joined the PDC in 2012 gaining your tour card after only two days but you struggled in the early part of 2012 but 2013 has been fantastic so far, when do you think the turning point was?

Yeah it was tough at 1st without doubt. I had to learn very quickly that you don’t get many 2nd chances in the pdc. This without doubt improved my game throughout 2012 and that together with a few nice wins got my confidence up. The worlds was a big disappointment so made me hungry to show what i can do. This happened very quickly at minehead reaching my 1st pdc final and was followed by consistent runs to the last 16 before another final which included a nice win over the power!

You have drawn Phil Taylor in Blackpool how does drawing the best in the world make you feel?

Obviously it’s not the draw you would choose, especially in Blackpool because his record there is incredible. Therefore i’m under no illusions that it’s going to be incredibly tough but I aim to just go up there and enjoy the whole experience. Like i said previously I’ve beat him on the tour so i know i can do it on my day!

Looking onto the next 12 months what are your long term aims?

My short term aim is to have a good run in a tv tournament, especially the worlds after letting myself down previously. After that it’s to keep improving my game and my consistency so that I keep appearing in the majors and improving my ranking, hopefully into the top 16. A win in a tour event would be nice too. I’ve proved to myself i can get to finals so to win 1 is hopefully just around the corner.


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Stuart Kellett UK Open 2012. Pic Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Stuart Kellett at the UK Open 2012. (Pic Lawrence Lustig/PDC)

For a top BDO player the same question always arises, ‘when will you switch to the PDC?’ For former BDO world number two, Stuart Kellett, this year was the answer.

“It feels great (to have made the switch), I’ve always wanted to play in the PDC, so I was well chuffed to win my tour card at Q-School.” Stuart Kellett said on looking forward to his new PDC career.

Kellett points out that there is a clear difference between the two organisations, saying, “From only a very short time in the PDC, you can see there is a big difference between the two organisations in many ways.

“I’m just hoping to settle into it ASAP and start making a move up the rankings.”

Despite being successful in the BDO, switching over to the PDC was not a hard decision, Kellett said, “Despite enjoying my time in the BDO, I quickly realised that to achieve my main goal, of becoming a full-time professional, I had to make the move over.

“The amount of full time players in the BDO is small, which shows how tough it is, that’s why a lot of players make the move over because the prize money in the PDC is far superior.”

Kellett makes the move over to the PDC confident that he has what it takes, saying, “I know for a fact that it’s going to be very tough, but if I didn’t think I could compete, I wouldn’t have made the move.”

Being able to fund participation on the PDC tour is an immediate problem for anyone just starting out, and why sponsorship is such a big help. Kellett has signed with Mitchell Promotions and MDA Promotions, who sponsor Justin Pipe and, fellow BDO-switcher, Dean Winstanley.

“It’s been a massive confidence booster to have the support from MDA Promotions and Mitchell Promotions. Good sponsorship is hard to find, so to have them supporting me allows me to just concentrate on my darts which will hopefully bring the results that we are after.”

Asked on whether or not BDO players that makes the switch, especially around the same time, tend to stick together and support one and other, Kellett said, “I know Dean (Winstanley) very well from the BDO circuit. Obviously with the players who have switched this year, and all the players who I’ve known from the BDO in the past, it means that I know plenty of players at the tournaments which will make it a lot easier to settle in.”

When asked about what his goals and expectations are for this year, and for the years to follow, Kellett stated that, “My main goal is to make sure that I’m at the World Championships.

“In the years to follow, it’s all about getting as far up the rankings as I can and playing in as many TV tournaments as possible.”

Stuart Kellett is just one of a number of players who have made the switch this year. The landscape of the PDC in the coming years could be set to look very different with the likes of; Dean Winstanley, Ted Hankey and the West brothers (Steve and Tony) who have joined the PDC along with Kellett.

By Aaron Gratton, for UK Darts Magazine