Jul 04 2013

KO Kellett European Championships Results

KO Kellett European Championships Results

Stuart kicks off the 2013 Partypoker European Darts championships tonight, against the Belgium Ronny Huybrechts (older brother of Kim).

The tournament is on ITV4, but unfortunately the first two games tonight (including Stuart’s) are only on the official PDC live web stream.

Thursday July 4

Round 1: Stuart Kellett 3-6 Ronny Huybrechts

Not to be Stuart’s competition, as Ronny plays a fantastic game, with 101 average.  Stuart did pull it back to 4-3 down after a flying start from the Belgium.  

KO Kellett at euro champs

KO Kellett at the Euro champs, 1st round vs Ronny Huybrechts