Stuart is managed by two experienced sports promoters, who aim to help support him in his darts career within the PDC.  You can contact Stuart’s management team via e-mail by clicking here, or use the contact page here.

Stuart signs with MDA and Mitchell promotions

Stuart signs with MDA and Mitchell promotions

Matt Ward

Matt runs MDA Promotions, a very well known darts promotion company which puts on many of the largest and best Darts Exhibitions in and around Leicestershire and Derbyshire.  His ‘Face Off’ and ‘Judgement Night’ exhibitions have been one some of the best darts nights seen anywhere, featuring World Champions Adrian Lewis and Phil Taylor amongst others.  Matt is not a bad player himself (or so he tells us), and one thing is for sure, he can spot darts talent – signing up Justin Pipe before many had heard of him.

Clifton Mitchell

Clifton is an ex heavyweight boxer who now runs his own gym in Derby (One Nation Fight Academy)  with an exciting stable of fighters, and also a sports promoter, with his Mitchell Promotions putting on many great fight nights. Clifton is a demanding boss, know know’s sporting talent when he see’s it.  Maybe he will get ‘KO’ in the ring one day in a darter vs. boxer night?