Sep 17 2012

Results; 11th and 12th PDC Player Championships Events

After the long break the darts really is back with a bang now – and Stuart joined his fellow PDC Professionals at Barnsley, for two more ProTour events.

Saturday Results

Round 1:  Stuart Kellett 6-5 Richie Burnett (11)
Round 2   Stuart Kellett 6-5 Nigel Heydon
Round 3:  Paul Nicholson 6-4 Stuart Kellett

A good day’s darts for KO – with to impressive performances against a former world champ Burnett, and the returning to form Heydon.  It was a close match against ‘The Asset’, and Paul was very complimentary about Kellett’s game afterwards.  £400 added to the rankings.

Sunday Results

Round 1:  Scott Rand (28) 6-3 Stuart Kellett

Not so good Sunday unfortunately, with Stuart going out against the seed Rand.

Stuart will have to take the coming weekend off, as the more established PDC players head to Germany for the European Championships – Stuart will be watching Thursday night cheering on his stable-mate Justin Pipe.